Secret Valley

Secret valley, no one knows

”The secret valley that only exists in your imagination”
Eau De Parfum

Top notes : Bergamot, Pomelo, Sweet Orange, Newly Cut grass, Green Apple

Middle notes : Raspberry, Freesia, Rosewood, Cannabis, Lily of Valley, Iris, Jasmine

Base notes : Coffee, Patchouli, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Tobacco, Ambergris, Vanilla, Tonka Bean

Close your eyes and calm your mind. Imagine yourself waking up in the morning in a modest teak cottage on the top of a valley in northern Thailand. Push open the bedroom door, step out onto the wooden balcony. See the mist that covers the valley reflects the warm sunlight. It’s a stunning horizon beyond description. Inhale the fine mist that has been engulfed by the sun, along with the aroma of bergamot, orange, pomelo, and flower orchards that have been planted behind the house. While you are admiring the atmosphere with a cup of the lovely hot coffee in your hand, indulge in the scents of the surrounding air and complete the happiness with the scent of café late’. What a wonderful delight that we can remember vividly, even though it has faded away..The Secret Valley No One Knows is a scent a perfect blend of all ingredient in each note coupled with the individuality’s imagination, that only you know about and experience it in your own imagination “Secret Valley No One Knows”….Opening with the robust refreshing vibe of Thai Pomelo, Bergamot, Raspberry, and sweet orange, these invigorating notes recall the wonderful memories with a gentle heart of Freesia, Lily of the Valley, and Jasmine. The lingering warm trace from Coffee, Patchouli, Tobacco, and Tonka Bean makes the scent remarkable and charming.

Price(ex VAT) 1,195THB / 50ML, 135THB / 5ML

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Secret valley, no one knows

”The secret valley that only exists in your imagination”

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