Your Scent.. Yourself

A fragrance created with inspiration from



This collection was designed by artepolé as a continuation of the Love Yourself Collection, which encourages you to love yourself and appreciate the beauty of imperfection.

Secret Latitude refers to more than simply the secret place of your impressive imagination. Another meaning of the word ‘latitude’ is the freedom of thought or action that you can express yourself, similar to the perfume you wear.

“Love yourself = Love freedom”

“Be yourself = Be independence”

artepolé and perfumers collaborated to create the perfume for this collection, which will be based on imagination. The most crucial aspect is how we successfully combined each ingredient with each note, with no single scent standing out. Individual olfactory abilities influence how you interpret the scent of raw materials. Along with your imagination, that only you know and feel it affirms your freedom of opinion as well as who you are. Furthermore, each note in this collection’s perfume was produced with an astonishing twist and surprise in the scent mood.

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What is perfume extrait ?


Perfume Extrait is the most concentrated and most expensive form of perfumes and is usually between 20 and 40% of oil concentration.



A fragrance created with inspiration from “Imperfection is perfection”.

Imperfection is the perfection. The perfection in its best form of yours ,because in the end there really is no such thing as perfect. … There is only the best, being the best you that you can be and always striving to beat your last best.

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