An explosion of laughter and joy.
Extrait de parfum
Longevity 8-10 hrs

Top notes : French Lemon, Peach, Green Apple, Mint, Bergamot, Giant water bug

Middle notes : Jasmine, Lychee, Rose, Melon, Irris, Stem, Lavender 

Base notes : Cashmere, Veramoss

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When life just gets harder, laugh with it! Play with it! Go with the flow! We get the colorful and lively accords of tropical fruits and flowers together with the cool mint. The secret of the scent is giant water bug! ,that explode the unique character.
Open with the sweet and sour scents of Peach, Green Apple and Lemon. Followed by the soft touch of dry jasmine, rose and a little mysterious trace of Irris and lavender. And the ending is the softest part as a touch of cashmere. Go! just light it up like DYNAMITE.

Price(ex VAT) 1,195THB / 65ML, 135THB / 5ML

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An explosion of laughter and joy.

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